Aviastar 2-stroke Glow Engines

Modern design combined with state of the art computer-driven machinery and superior metallurgy to create the finest 2 stroke model airplane engines.

For instance, the connecting rods use the same aluminum alloy as found in some full size aircraft engines. Crankshafts are one piece hardened Cr steel. A specially developed "KK" bronze alloy is used for the conrod bushing which allows it to withstand high RPMs. Cylinders are made of a special heat treated Cr steel alloy to insure a hard and true cylinder that will not distort at high temperatures. Piston rings (1.2 - 2.0 in engines) are made of the same steel alloy as found in some racing motorcycles. The .46 in and .53 in are true ABC construction. All engines contain high quality dual ball bearings.

Of course, the carburetors are of a twin needle design for the best balance between power and fuel consumption. O-rings are used at all critical points to eliminate any possible air leakage. There.s no lapse of power throughout the throttle transition making this a popular choice for aerobatic flying.

KAVAN recommends 10% - 15% Nitromethane Glow Engine Fuel with 20% castor oil blend for the .46 and .53. Power ratings listed below were obtained with 15% Nitromethane fuel on a hot summer day with 70% relative humidity.


Aviastar AV-46
2-stroke Glow Engines
Displacement .46 in (7.53 cm)
Bore .886 in (22.5 mm)
Stroke .756 in (19.2 mm)
Practical R.P.M. 1,900 -16,000
Power 1.66 hp at 16,000
Shaft Size M 7 x 1
Weight including Muffler 17.1 oz (485 g)

Aviastar .46 in is included with the SIG LT-40 RFT. Some other popular SIG airplanes for the .46 and .53 engines are Citabria, Kougar, Kavalier, Mid-Star 40, Ultimate Fun Fly, SeaLane, Kadet Senior, Four Star 40, Smith Miniplane, Somethin. Extra, Rascal Forty, Piper 1/5 Scale J-3 Cub, Sun Dancer 50 and Mayhem 40.

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