Aeronca Champ
Wing Span: 457 mm

Although designed as rubber powered free flight models some people choose not to fly these but instead build them as a beautiful covered or uncovered display model. With the increased popularity of Slow and Park Flyer airplanes experienced modelers have converted these to small flying radio controlled aircraft.

Instructions are not included for converting these airplanes to radio controlled aircraft. But it is a natural project for the experienced modeler because the stable flight characteristics associated to free flight models make good Slow and ParkFlyer aircraft. Typically only rudder, elevator and motor control are added using micro servos and receiver. Use 280-size motors geared or direct up to 400-size direct for the Piper J-3 Cub.

Example:Scout (No. HRR101)
MotorSwift 280 (No. 6496)
PropellerAPC 5.7 x 3" (No. APC405730)
BatteryQuantum (No. 6641.08)
Speed ControllerKAVAN 5A SlowFlyer (No. 6483)
2x 5-9g Micro-Servos e.g. Hitec HS-55
Micro Receiver e.g. Multiplex 4/5 Pico

Each Kit Features
  • Laser Accu-cut™ hand-select SIG AAA grade balsa.
  • 3-D CAD engineered for a precise parts fit.
  • Accurate computer drawn plans.
  • Step by Step Building Instructions (English/German).
  • Quality hardware pack including
  • contest rubber,
  • plastic propeller,
  • lightweight colored tissue,
  • lightweight wheels,
  • waterslide decals.

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