KAVAN white glues SUPER

We have added new German-made dispersion adhesives KAVAN SUPER to our offer. The new formula, carefully tested by KAVAN team pilots and our aircraft designers, has better sandability than the original one. The shelf-life is also extended. Waterproof. Quick-setting. Packed in 100g and 200g bottles.
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XLPower distribution KAVAN

The official distribution of XL Power, the top-class RC helicopter manufacturer, is now in the hands of the KAVAN Team. We are looking forward to our cooperation and hope We are in for a long and exciting flight. With almost two decades of competing and over a decade in manufacturing, XLPower know their RC helicopters. And now We are bringing these beasts to our fans all over Europe.
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KAVAN receivers

We would like to introduce new KAVAN telemetry receivers. The six-channel R6 uses the ACCESS and ACCST D16 RF protocols. It weighs only 4.2 g and measures 33×15×9.7 mm, so it can be used in small models. The advanced eight-channel R8 uses the Twin 2.4GHz system. Other features include smart pairing, a black box for preserving basic flight data, or up to 24-channel mode using S.BUS. Both are also available in a vario version. The planned stocking is in February.
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MKS servos

We now offer 75 top servos of the MKS brand. You will find among them servos for model aeroplanes, cars, helicopters or specially designed for gliders. You will also appreciate the wide range of speeds and torques, from super-fast micro servos to servos with torque up to 68 kg·cm. In a nutshell, you can choose waterproof, narrow-band, super-fast, super-strong, plastic-box, aluminium-box servos and so on. MKS servos are already available for pre-order. The planned stocking of all types is around December 15. We will keep you informed about the exact stocking.
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