KAVAN Pulse 2200 V2

The popular Pulse 2200 in V2 version with a 2206 mm wingspan is now landing at the KAVAN hangar. The main changes are stronger servos, and a completely redesigned shape of both the elevator and wings with larger ailerons. Compared to the first one, you can choose from two attractive colours - orange and green. The model with a fully mechanized wing is made of expanded polyolefin (EPO) with thorough carbon reinforcements. You can look forward to a brushless C3548-750 motor with an 11×8" folding propeller and a KAVAN R-50SB Plus ESC. Powered by a 600–800W class brushless motor, it will pr
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The hot new spring addition to the KAVAN family of RC hand-launch gliders is the Strike DLG. This powerful Czech-made rascal can be built "the old-fashioned way" from a builder's kit of CNC pre-cut parts, so it requires at least basic skills with classic construction. With the right choice of electronics and a little patience it fits into the 250g category, and despite its 1498mm wingspan it is well transportable. So you can give your body a good workout with discus launches on the go. For finishing, we recommend using 6g pico servos, a 1S LiPo battery and at least a 4-channel RC ki
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A brand new KAVAN Vibe has just parked in our hangar. An untamed 3D aerobatic foamie biplane that guarantees good vibrations. It has a 1080 mm wingspan, is equipped with a 350–500W brushless motor, and you use at least a 4-channel RC kit to control it. Seasoned pilots will appreciate the high performance and excellent performance in 3D savagery. The less experienced will set smaller rates, and a full F3A pattern will be confidently learned. The Vibe is available in orange, blue or green scheme.
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KAVAN V20 now available

The KAVAN V20 is a 24-channel RC kit using a 2.4GHz simultaneous dual-frequency transmission system with full telemetry support (Twin 2.4GHz). It boasts a superior response time of up to 4ms and a range of up to tens of kilometres. You can also choose ACCST D16 or ACCESS transmission systems, also with telemetry. The V20 can therefore be paired with a wide range of KAVAN or FrSky receivers, telemetry or not, with classic PWM and S.BUS outputs. It is suitable for both advanced and sport pilots. Excellent for controlling various aircraft models or heli/multicopters. It can also be easily set u
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