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The microprocessor charger C14+, which you have known under the brand Raytronic, is now part of the KAVAN brand. This 80W fast charger with balancer features easy operation and safe charging. It can charge and discharge various types of batteries, from lithium to lead acid. It has an intelligent microprocessor enabling advanced features previously found only in more expensive equipment. It can adjust the end charge and discharge voltages for lead acid and lithium batteries. For cells, it also measures their voltage level, internal resistance, and can be used as a current source with adjustable
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We are pleased to introduce you a new high-performance 3D aerobatic special KAVAN of park-fly category - SAVAGE Max, manufactured in the Czech Republic. The kit made of almost indestructible expanded polypropylene (EPP) is available in two colour schemes. It can be assembled in just a few hours, and thanks to the light weight, carbon strip reinforcements and a plywood motor mount the repairs are very easy, quick and inexpensive. The sophisticated design features a wide elevator, servo shafts, carbon landing gear with lightweight wheels and a carbon tube forming the backbone of the plane. The
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Alpha 1500 V2

We would like to introduce you to a new version of our popular EPO Alpha glider.The new ALPHA 1500 V2 keeps the beautiful curves of the original Alpha 1500 - yet she is a completely new model with different dimensions, new wing section and finest accessories. New moulds and advanced EPO foam moulding technologies incorporated ensure all parts are much finer and precise. The two-piece wing as well as the empennage is simply fastened to the fuselage with bolts resulting in model that is easy to carry and store. Much more powerful brushless motor with 30 A ESC and 3S LiPo instead the original 2S
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We would like to introduce a brand new line of high quality tools KAVAN. These tools include hex screwdrivers in classic design, ball-end hex screwdrivers, flat-head and Phillips screwdrivers, as well as nut wrenches. Spare tips are also available. The screwdrivers have a very lightweight non-slip body made of hardened plastic, which fits beautifully in the hand and is pleasant to assemble even for several hours at a time.
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