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KAVAN glow fuels

Glow fuels for two-stroke and four-stroke engines for hobby and sport flying, as well as for top competition acrobatics and extreme 3D flying with planes and helicopters. • High-quality synthetic or castor oil for reliable operation and perfect lubrication • Added nitromethane for reliable operation and high power • Optimised mix of additives for great temperature stability, easy starting and high max RPM • Corrosion inhibitor for a long life of the engine • Dyed for easy checking of the remaining fuel in the tank • Developed and made in Germany
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Pocket charger Raytronic C50

We're now selling a brand new charger - Raytronic C50. This pocket two-channel microprocessor charger was designed with an effort to offer mains powered smart charger with high power and simple and intuitive operation. Raytronic C50 allows to charge and discharge common types of batteries (NiCD, NiMH, LiPo, LiFe, LiHV, Li-Ion, Pb), and is also equipped with 6-channel balancers, which provide safe charging of lithium batteries. Besides, you can use the charger as a stabilised current source with an adjustable voltage limitation, with output power up to 250W. The charger has a coloured LCD
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New Micro Soldering Irons Foxy

We are presenting brand new micro soldering irons Foxy. They have a smart standby mode, which turns down the heat of the tip to 100°C when the iron is inactive for a set amount of time (1–30 minutes). This mode increases the lifespan of the tip, heating element, and mainly decreases energy consumption. The built-in motion sensor wakes the iron up from standby mode when you pick up the iron. Current temperature and parameter settings can be clearly read thanks to LED-backlit display. Both soldering irons are controlled via buttons, which in combination with pen-like design allows for simple ope
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KAVAN Classic Dopes

We are happy to present you a new range of dopes Kavan Classic. Made according to a recipe verified by generations of not only modellers, but also a real airplane designers, are safe choice for various applications - shrinking, protective, adhesive. Range includes nitrolack thinner. Dopes are available in 200 or 1000 mililiter version in handy tin packaging.
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