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Brand: KAVAN

Der mini Falke Hand Launch Glider 710mm

Whole-balsa wood hand-launch glider with laser-cut and pre-ground parts. Wingspan of 710 mm. For beginner modellers. Perfect as a first kit for learning to build and fly aerocraft models.
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Big all balsa hand-launch glider with an excellent glide, that's simple to build. It's perfect as a very first model, which you can build in a few tens of minutes. Thanks to laser-cut parts and a wing with a pre-ground profile you will only need a modeller's knife, sanding paper, acetone glue (UHU Hart, Kanagom etc.), pins, protective dope and a flat brush. The wing is fixed to the fuselage by rubber bands, so the Der Mini FALKE is easy to pack and store; you can easily place several pieces in your car for a flight session if you want to. Tailplanes have an adjustable rudder and elevator fixed by a wire hinge, so the setup to flight and flying itself is really easy.

Kit contains: pre-cut and pre-ground parts of the fuselage, wing and tailplanes, sanding paper, weight, sticker sheet, building plan, user manual.

Tip: For modeller clubs we offer a bulk packaging (10pcs/20pcs/50pcs/100pcs etc.) for a discount price.

Wing span [mm]710
Length [mm]505
Weight [g]70
Controlled functionsnone
Build difficultyS1
Operating difficultyP0


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