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Brand: KAVAN

KAVAN C14+ AC/DC balanced charger

Microprocessor quick charger with balancer for 1-15 cells NiCd / NiMH, 1-6 cells LiPo / Li-ion / LiFe, LiHV, 2-20V Pb current 0,1-6A (max. 80 W). Discharging max. 2A (max. 10 W). Power supply DC 11-18V / AC 230V 50Hz. Measurement of internal resistance, current source mode with voltage limitation, charging of Smart batteries.
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KAVAN C14+ 80W was designed to provide everything you need for charging „under one roof“, including easy-to-operate mains supply. The C14+ allows you to charge and discharge various types of batteries (NiCd, NiMH, LiPo, Li-ion, LiFe, Pb) and is also equipped with 6-channel balancer, which provides safe and comfortable charging of lithium batteries.

In addition to its higher power, it differs from conventional 50W chargers by an intelligent softwar that enables functions previously common only in „machines“ of much higher price categories:

  • End-point voltage setting for charging and discharging for lithium batteries (allowing for the gentle charging that pilots like, or the brutal overcharging that car guys like) and lead-acid batteries.
  • Measurement of the total voltage and the voltage of individual cells (for lithium batteries) even without charging/discharging.
  • Measurement of internal resistance of individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • Power supply mode with adjustable voltage limitation (max. 6A/80W).
  • Smart battery charging mode (lithium batteries with built-in protection circuits).

Overview of basic functions and parameters:

  • Input voltage 11–18V DC
  • Mains supply 100–240V/50–60Hz
  • For charging and discharging 1–15cell NiMH/NiCd, 1–6cell Li-ion/LiPo/LiFe or 2–20V lead-acid batteries.
  • Adjustable charging current (0.1–6.0A)
  • Adjustable discharge current (0.1–2.0A)
  • Max. power for charging 80W, for discharging 10W
  • Charge termination by automatic delta-peak for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Lithium and lead-acid batteries are charged using „Constant Voltage, Constant Current“ method.
  • Adjustable sensitivity of delta-peak detection for NiCd and NiMH batteries
  • Adjustable end voltage for charging and discharging of lithium and lead-acid batteries
  • Repeated charge/discharge or discharge/charge cycle for NiCd and NiMH batteries (up to 5 cycles)
  • Four charging modes for lithium batteries - normal charge, quick charge, balanced charge and storing charge/discharge
  • Termination of charging when set time, delivered charge or temperature limit is exceeded
  • Memory for 20 charge/discharge programs
  • Measurement of total pack and individual cell voltage
  • Measurement of total internal resitance of individual cells (for lithium batteries)
  • Socket for temperature sensor
  • Autonomous balancer mode for lithium batteries
  • Power supply mode with adjustable voltage limit for powering other devices - max. 6A/80W, max. 27V
  • Smart battery discharging mode (for lithium batteries with built-in protection circuits) with adjustable charging time, charging current and max. battery voltage
  • Two-line backlit LCD screen with simple and clear menu and parameter display while charging/discharging
  • A number of warning messages contribute to safe operation - incorrect input voltage, wiring, output polarity
  • Incorrect output polarity protection, output short-circuit protection
  • Compact aluminium body, small dimensions
  • Built-in power supply

If you also connect the charged lithium kit via the service connector, you can monitor the voltage of each cell throughout the charging/discharging process, and the built-in balancer equalizes the voltage on each cell. The charger is equipped with sockets for JST-XH service connectors, and you can connect other kits using adapters sold separately.

For measuring the temperature of charged/discharged batteries the temperature sensor can be purchased.

Note: The charger for charging lead-acid batteries allows a terminal voltage setting of 1.50–2.50 V/cell - hence it is suitable (if set correctly!) for charging gas-tight gel batteries, which must not be charged to more than 2.30 V/cell, as well as conventional lead-acid (car) batteries and reversible valve gel batteries.

The charger set contains: charger KAVAN C14+, mains cable, 12V power cable with crocs, Dean-T charging cable with JST-BEC, JR/Futaba adapters, with crocs and for compact glow plugs, user manual.

Input voltage (autobaterie - DC) [V]230
Charging current [A]0.1 - 6
Charging power [W]80
Discharging current [A]0.1 - 2
Discharging power [W]10
NiCd [čl.]1 - 15
NiMH [čl.]1 - 15
Li-Po [čl.]1 - 6
Li-HV [čl.]1 - 6
Li-Ion [čl.]1 - 6
Li-Fe [čl.]1 - 6
Balancer current [mA]400
Length [mm]144
Width [mm]137
Height [mm]40
Weight [g]493
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