Code: KAV02.8023.ARF
Barcode: 8596450068070
Brand: KAVAN

KAVAN Cumul DLG ARF 1096mm

An ARTF kit of high performance RC hand launch glider for discus or bungee start of 1096 mm wingspan. Lightweight iron-on film covered all-balsa wing with carbon tube main spar, balsa fuselage and empennage; carbon tail boom. Rudder and elevator control.
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Our new CUMUL DLG ARTF will fulfil your dream about a handy model you could fly virtually anywhere, about a model you could pack for your trips that would work with even the most basic two-channel radio...even faster than its builder’s kit “brother”. And do not forget - this RC hand launch glider will get you in shape in no time - the thoroughly performed discus launch is quite a bit of a sporty feat as well!

A small RC hand launch glider ARTF kit - a great thing for anybody who wants to build his models very quickly. With a little bit of skills, you can prepare your CUMUL DLG for the maiden flight during just one evening session. There should be no problems mastering the discus launch once your CUMUL DLG is ready to fly as well - we included a thorough illustrated appendix showing how it is done in the instruction manual.

Designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The front part of the fuselage is a simple „box“ of balsa sides, top and bottom sheets and plywood formers and braces. The servo and battery compartment is located in the front part under the removable hatch with a magnetic lock. The tail boom is a carbon tube with liteply pylon for the horizontal tailplane. The tow hook for the bungee launch is also included in the kit.

The one-piece wing sports the YA0801 wing section (“tailored” to needs of RC hand launch gliders) is of, now we can say classic, design with CNC cut balsa ribs, carbon tube main spar and beech dowel leading edge for high strength at very low weight. The wing is secured to the fuselage with a plastic bolt. The discus launch pin can be installed to the left wing tip (for right-handed pilots) or to the right wing tip (for left-handed pilots).

The empennage is made of CNC-cut balsa sheets with balsa and carbon reinforcements. The elevator and rudder are controlled by servos located in the fuselage with piano wire push rods running through the tail boom.

The wing panels, fuselage and empennage are covered by a lightweight iron-on film.

You will need at least a two-channel transmitter to control your CUMUL DLG. Good 6g micro servos (0.7–0.9 torque) are required for the elevator and rudder; the servo tray supplied in the kit is tailored to the KAVAN GO-6MG servos.

1S 3.7 V 450–500 mAh LiPo battery would make a great receiver battery.

The ARTF kit contents: Iron-on film covered wing panels, fuselage and empennage, carbon tail boom, accessories set, sheet of stickers, instruction manual.

Wing span [mm]1096
Length [mm]880
Weight od  [g]180
Wing surface [dm2]16.2
Controlled functionsS,V
Build difficultyS1
Operating difficultyP1
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