Code: KAV66.742
Barcode: 8596450036000
Brand: KAVAN

KAVAN cutting mat A3 - 450x300x3mm

A3-sized cutting mat with a matte finish. Double-sided printed raster (0–420x0–270 mm) with basic angles (15,30,45,105, 120 °) and circle diameters (5–34 mm). Suitable for working with a utility knife or rotary cutter.
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KAVAN self-healing double-sided cutting mat
Are you tired of dull blades, messy workspaces, and failed cuts? Upgrade your work desk with the KAVAN cutting mat. Designed with your needs in mind, this mat is the essential tool for any modeller, crafter, or DIY enthusiast.


  • Dimensions: 450x300x3 mm
  • Centimeter grid size: 420x270 mm
  • Centimeter grid square center bullets (5x5 mm)
  • Angle lines: 15,30,45,105, 120°.
  • Diameter scale: 5–34mm
  • Colour of the mat: navy blue
  • Colour of the grid: white

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