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KAVAN FunStik 1280mm Kit

A builder's kit of an aerobatic sport-flyer in the vintage „fokker-morane“ style of 1280 mm wingspan for .21–.25 (3.5–4.0cc) glow engine or 500–600W brushless motor. Lightweight laser cut balsa and liteply airframe, symmetrical wing section. Aileron, rudder and elevator control.
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Let a bunch of sticks have some fun! Our FunStik aerobatic sport flyer in “fokker-morane” retro style will bring you lots of fun both in your workshop as well in the flying field. FunStik is an ideal project for a modeller who already knows his way around balsa, sticks and glue and is familiar with a high-wing “full house” control trainer. The jigsaw puzzle-like laser-cut parts make the building a breeze. Should you install either a good .21–.25 (3.5–4.0 ccm) glow engine or 500–600 W brushless motor, your FunStik is an incredible joy to fly; an entertainer that never gets boring!

FunStik model was designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

The fuselage is a classic balsa/liteply work; the bottom balsa sheet with laser cut notches creates a “spine“ that will accept all the formers, braces and sides exactly where they are required to be. The plywood firewall is ready for your glow engine radial mount as well as your brushless motor. The elevator and rudder servo tray is located under the wing. The removable top nose hatch is here to give easy access to the fuel tank or battery compartment.

The one-piece wing sports a symmetrical wing section and sturdy balsa sheeted D-box; it is secured by two plastic bolts to the fuselage. Laser-cut parts make the building very easy; the interlocking parts ensure you are building true and straight without any jigs. Two wing-mounted micro servos are linked to the full-length ailerons with short steel push rods. You can install the servo box and aileron linkage to the bottom side of the wing (regular flying with the undercarriage) or to the top (preferable for flying without undercarriage, belly bottom landing).

The empennage is made of laser-cut balsa sheets with hardwood stick reinforcements. The elevator and rudder are controlled by servos located under the wing with piano wire push rods.

The undercarriage is pre-bent aluminium with lightweight KAVAN wheels.

You will need at least a 4-channel RC set to control your FunStik. Regular 3–4 standard servos are OK for the elevator and rudder; you can go for appropriate mini or micro servos to keep the weight down in the case of the electric-powered model. Choose good micro servos for the ailerons and throttle.

IC engine: Your FunStik would fly great with any reliable .21-.25 (3.5–4.0ccm) glow engine and 100–150ml (3.5–5oz) fuel tank; if you decide to go for more powerful and „thirstier“ O.S. MAX-25FX II, you should use 150–170ml (5–6oz) fuel tank.

Electric motor: Your FunStik will fly great with any 500–600W brushless motor like KAVAN C3542-1200 or Model Motors AXI 2820/10 V2 with 10x6-8“ electric propeller, 50–60A ESC and 3S LiPo power pack 2200–2600 mAh.

The kit contents:Laser cut balsa and liteply parts, hardwood sticks, balsa sticks and sheets, small accessories, aluminium undercarriage, light wheels, sheet of stickers, building plan, instruction manual.

Wing span [mm]1280
Length [mm]1040
Weight [g]1450 - 1500
Wing surface [dm2]31.5
Recommended tank volume [ml]100 - 170
Controlled functionsS,V,K(2),M
Build difficultyS2
Operating difficultyP2


Instruction Manual14.04.2023
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