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Barcode: 8596450039230
Brand: KAVAN

KAVAN GRE-18 KIT crawler 1:18

Fully assembled 1/18th scale RC crawler model with a clear body, including electronics, battery pack and tuning parts. Perfect size for both outdoor and indoor off-road driving.
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Enter the scale crawler world with our brand new models GRE-18

For true enthusiasts.
Is getting a finished car just not enough for you and you want to enjoy your model inside-out, including the build? Do you want to be different and create your own, unique bodyshell design?
The GRE-18 KIT version is here just for you.

This set includes everything you need to build the model, plus extra option parts for enthusiasts. To complete the build, you are going to need only your own pick of lexan colors and transmitter batteries.

Kit includes

  • Unassembled GRE-18 chassis
  • Clear lexan body with plastic accessories
  • LED lights kit
  • 2.4GHz transmitter
  • Waterproof electronics
  • 050 100T brushed electric motor
  • Li-Po battery pack
  • Upgrade aluminum shocks
  • Brass weights for front wheels
  • USB charging cable
  • Building tools

Perfect size.
The new range of 1/18th scale RC crawlers brings you the best of both big and small RC cars. From the bigger scale models, it inherits the outdoor ability, so it's good for a walk in nature, or a real expedition, while still having a compact size like its smaller relatives. This means you can pack it into any backpack and have it with you anywhere, anytime. And when the weather doesn't allow being outside, an adventurous course, full of obstacles can be found even in your living room!

Scale look.
Thanks to a cool bodyshell with scale accessories, the GRE-18 models are great to look at. Your own custom paint is complemented by molded bumpers, front grille, side mirrors and rear light covers.
When turned on, the car comes to life by in-built LED lights. They have enough power for you to be able to drive in a dark, which provides an amazing atmosphere and a whole new experience.

For any terrain.
A tough metal frame, together with 4-link suspension system and soft dampers, provides enough ground clearance, angles and articulation for overcoming obstacles of the outdoor driving. Full time 4WD system, closed differentials and soft tires with deep thread will always deliver the traction you need.
On the top of that, water-resistant electronics mean, you don't have to worry about any conditions - rain, mud, puddles, or deeper streams - nothing is going to stop you!

Always under control.
A strong motor is effortlessly tamed by reduction gearbox. Digital servo and quality remote control system will give you confidence and precision. The transmitter features a necessary settings for center trims, channel reverses and end point adjustment and thanks to an easy disassembly it won't take any extra space.

Ready for action.
Powerful battery pack with a capacity for up to 45 minutes run time and compact USB charging cable, that can be plugged into any mobile phone charger will keep you going at all times. Any time you find a tempting challenge, you will be ready.


  • Great scale-looking lexan body shell
  • Molded accessories like the front grille, side mirrors and more
  • Realistic front and rear lights
  • Strong metal frame
  • 4-link chassis with great articulation like on full-scale models
  • Long travel dampers with soft springs
  • Full-time 4WD system with 104:1 final drive ratio for great low-end torque and control
  • Locked differentials for excellent crawling performance
  • Realistic tires with soft rubber and good thread for any terrain, mounted on bead-lock rims
  • 100T brushed motor with upgraded power
  • Chassis mounted 1Kg 3-wire digital waterproof servo for precise control
  • Fully waterproof receiver and ESC for any weather conditions
  • Free AUX port for additional lights, or FPV system
  • 600mAh 7.4V 2S Li-Po battery pack, which lasts up to 45 minutes
  • Quality 2.4GHz digital radio system featuring digital trims, reverse and end point adjustment EPA
  • Transmitter can be disassembled to fit even smaller space
  • Compact USB charging cable

Available option parts

  • KAV06.240071 GRE Aluminum Upgrade Shocks Set
  • KAV06.240072 GRE Steel U-Joint Cross Ball Set
  • KAV06.240074 GRE18 Steel U-Joint Drive Shaft Set
  • KAV06.240079 GRE Optional Brass Wheel Weight - 24g

Technical data

  • Motor: 050 100T
  • Servo: 1Kg digital (3-wire)
  • Battery: 600mAh 7.4 2S Li-Po
  • Charger: USB 150mA

Required for operation

  • 4xAAA batteries for the transmitter

Wheelbase [mm]155
Width [mm]113
Length [mm]275
Height [mm]135
Weight [g]280
Ground clearance [mm]34
Wheel diameter ['']2.2
Gear ratio104:1
Motor typeDC
Li-Po [čl.]2
Chassis typeOff-road,Crawler,Hobby
Spare parts (26)

Tuning parts (5)

Wheels (7)

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