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KAVAN Swift S-1 2400mm ARF - red

99% ready-made semi-scale model (2400 mm wingspan) of a Polish high-performance aerobatic sailplane of carbon-reinforced expanded polyolefin (EPO) suitable for thermal and slope soaring. KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, 11x8” folding prop, R-50SB ESC and 4 micro servos installed. Full span aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control. For 4S LiPo 2200–2700 mAh (at least 30C).
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By the end of 1980s the Margański & Mysłowski Zakłady Lotnicze decided there was a “gap” in the aerobatic glider market - apparently the good old all-wooden SZD-21-2b Kobuz 3 designed back in 1950s was no more the “hot stuff”. So, in 1991 designers Edward Margański and Jerzy Cisowski backed by Jerzy Makula (then triple world aerobatic glider champion) came with a new Swift S-1, a modern all-composite aerobatic glider with incredible 4 seconds roll rate capable of handling +/-10g. The reward followed almost immediately - Jerzy Makula won his fourth FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championships in the same year. And now you can enjoy flying with our 2400 mm wingspan semi-scale model of this beautiful sailplane powered by a brushless motor!

The EPO foam fuselage, thoroughly carbon-reinforced, comes with the KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor, 11x8” folding propeller and KAVAR R-50SB ESC featuring a powerful switching SBEC stabilizer necessary to feed all 4 high torque servos aboard. The detachable canopy is secured with a magnetic lock. The cockpit compartment offers a lot of space for your receiver and flight pack. The elevator and rudder servos are installed in the fin.

The two-piece EPO wing is reinforced by two carbon spars; the root ends of the spars are inserted to aluminium joiner in the fuselage. The wing halves are secured by a nylon bolt. The full span ailerons (reinforced by carbon tubes) are controlled by two servos installed in the wing driven with short wire push rods.

The EPO horizontal tailplane (reinforced by carbon tubes) is detachable; secured with two bolts to the fuselage for an easy transport/storage.

Swift S-1 is powered by the KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor with the KAVAN R-50SB 50A ESC.

You will need 14.8 V 2200–2700 mAh flight pack (at least 30C) to fly your Swift S-1.

You will need at least 4-channel RC set to control your Swift S-1; even a non-computer radio would work as the aileron servos are controlled by a single channel (linked via a Y-cable). At least 6-channel computer radio will work best; independent aileron servo control and airbrake mixing (by extending ailerons simultaneously up) will help you to enjoy your Swift S-1 to the fullest. Fortunately, even the entry level/budget friendly radios like Radiolink AT9S or AT10II, Futaba T6K or T10J feature all the necessary mixes today. In this case you will have to replace the aileron Y-cable installed in the kith with two 15–30 cm extensions cables. The instruction manual contains thoroughly tested set-up table in order to help you setting up the Swift S-1 easily.

ARTF set contents: EPO fuselage with the brushless motor, 50A ESC, 11x8" folding propeller and 2 servos installed, EPO wing with 2 servos installed, EPO horizontal tailplane, and instruction manual.

Wing span [mm]2405
Length [mm]1300
Weight [g]2000 - 2050
Wing surface [dm2]45
Controlled functionsS,V,K(2),M
Build difficultyS0,S1
Operating difficultyP2


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