Code: KAV8030
Barcode: 8596450001077
Brand: KAVAN

RESCO EP glider ARF 1990mm (el. powered)

ARF kit of high performance thermal motor glider with a span of 1990mm for the AXI 2208-2212 engine. Very light classic all-balsa construction, fuselage with balsa gondola and light plywood with carbon tail beam, transparent iron-on foil cover. Controlled rudder, elevator and aerodynamic brake.
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Wingspan [mm]: 1990 ; Lenght [mm]: 1125 ; Weight od  [g]: 500 ; Wing Area [dm2]: 36.16 ; RC Control: Rudd,Elev,B ; Building difficuilty: S1 ; Difficuilty of piloting: P1


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