Alpha 1500 V2

We would like to introduce you to a new version of our popular EPO Alpha glider.The new ALPHA 1500 V2 keeps the beautiful curves of the original Alpha 1500 - yet she is a completely new model with different dimensions, new wing section and finest accessories. New moulds and advanced EPO foam moulding technologies incorporated ensure all parts are much finer and precise. The two-piece wing as well as the empennage is simply fastened to the fuselage with bolts resulting in model that is easy to carry and store. Much more powerful brushless motor with 30 A ESC and 3S LiPo instead the original 2S pack offer enough power not just for regular motor glider flying but also for a good deal of aerobatic stunts. Your ALPHA 1500 V2 will “grow up“ along with you and your improving pilot skills; whilst an experienced pilot will find her a lot of fun from the first minute!

The model comes in two color schemes, which are both ARF and RTF. The RTF version also includes a Radiolink transmitter and receiver, charger and Lipol KAVAN 1200mAh.

The models are already in stock including all spare parts.

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