Brand new transmitter KAVAN V20

2.4GHz Simultaneous Dual Frequency
2 Built-in Antennas
800×480 colour touch-screen backlit display | High-precision Hall
sensor gimbals (optional long stick levers with switches available) |
Six 3-position switches, two 2-position switches (1 momentary) |
2 side sliders | 6 quick-mode custom buttons (front) and
2 momentary buttons (rear) | All-CNC metal trims, knobs | Built-in
6-axis gyroscopic sensor | MicroSD card slot, Type-C USB port,
earphone port, training port | Operating system ETHOS™:
Clear and intuitive UI design, comprehensive range of
functions and mixes for all kinds of RC models, supports dual
operation modes of radio display (touch and non-touch),
full telemetry support, vibration alert and voice speech output,
KAVAN servo programming utility (via F.Bus) | Operating voltage
range: 6.5–8.4V (2S Li- battery) | Supports recharge system for
2S Li-ion battery (USB Type-C interface) | Operating temperature:
-10–60 °C | Dimensions: 212×200×95 mm |
Weight: 809 g (without battery)

Compatible receivers: a range of telemetry receivers with PWM
and S.BUS outputs for small and large models of all kinds
Advanced 24-channel RC set employing a 2.4GHz
simultaneous dual frequency transmission system and the
comprehensive variety of functions and mixes for all kinds
of RC models with the ETHOS™ operating system.
Number of Channels:
Transmission System:
Internal RF module:
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