Bunch of sticks, loads of fun.

The hot new addition to our range of aircraft is the KAVAN FunStik, a vintage-styled recreational aerobatic sport-flyer. With CNC-cut parts that fit together like jigsaw puzzle pieces, you will quickly and easily assemble a fun and agile glider with a 1280mm wingspan. It is ready to be fitted with a 500–600W brushless motor or a 3.5–4cc engine. So whether you're a fan of the smell of burnt fuel or you're pushing for electric, you can build the FunStik to your preference.

Included in the package you'll find laser-cut balsa and plywood parts, spruce spars, balsa beams and sheets for a solid cover, an accessory kit, duralumin landing gear, lightweight wheels, a sheet of self-adhesive decals, a 1:1 scale building plan and instructions.

Read more detailed information on the product card.

FunStik is designed and manufactured in the Czech Republic.

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