KAVAN Bristell B23

After much anticipation, it finally arrived. We've received the delivery of KAVAN semi-scale models of the Czech low-wing Bristell B23, which we created in cooperation with BRM AERO s.r.o. We stock both ARF variants with yellow and blue finish, as well as blank white ARF set for the most demanding modelers.

The aircraft is made of highly durable expanded polyolefin (EPO) thoroughly reinforced with a number of carbon parts. Underneath the removable cabin, which is secured by a pin and mechanical latches, there is a compartment for the receiver and a battery pack. For propulsion, the model is equipped with a C3548-800 brushless motor, a KAVAN R-50SB ESC with a powerful BEC and a 10×6" three-blade propeller. The Bristell B23 is designed to be powered by a 2600–3300 mAh 4S LiPo with at least 30C discharge rate. The landing gear is three-wheeled with a steerable wire front leg and duralumin main gear.

The model is equipped with a number of scale accessories, as well as realistic LED lights for maximum flying enjoyment even in low-visibility conditions.

Read all the details and see photos on the product card.

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