KAVAN Der Kleine/Mini UHU

We would like to announce to you that there’re two new versions of popular balsa wood aeroplanes Der Mini UHU and Der Kleine UHU. Hand-launch aeroplane Der Mini UHU and A1 (F1H) glider Der Kleine UHU are years tested models, that got popular under the Graupner brand, where they got modified, optimised, and the build got simplified. Although, the newest 10th generation is made in Czechia. Both aeroplanes underwent modernisation of their look, but the mechanical design and features that popularised both UHU remain the same. Kits consist of laser-cut parts, pre-ground parts and a set of needed accessories, so you will need only a few other tools to complete the build. The hand-launched glider Der Mini UHU with a wingspan of 710mm is a perfect choice for a beginner. It can be built in a few tens of minutes thanks to pre-cut and pre-ground parts. Since it has an adjustable rudder and elevator, with the Der Mini UHU you will learn to build it, get it ready to fly and flying. The Der Kleine UHU with a wingspan of 1240mm is a perfect choice for your first “adult” glider model. The build is very simple thanks to laser pre-cut and pre-ground parts. Ingenious design allows to attach two servos and an RC set receiver, but you can even add a pylon for brushless motor mounting, of course with enough space for a propulsion battery and a receiver battery. All electronics are easily re-attachable, so you can fly the Der Kleine UHU any way you want.
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