KAVAN GO servos

We are expanding the KAVAN GO range with several brand-new digital servos. From pico servos with a thrust of up to 1 kg·cm to programmable super strong large servos with a thrust of up to 74 kg·cm.

A hot one amongst the additions is the super strong fast GO-1088MGW in a waterproof aluminium box with a clever new design. It is suitable for large-scale aircraft models, helicopters, 1:5 scale cars, boats, etc.

At the IMAC 2023 European Championships in Leszno, Poland, pilot Werner Kohlberger from Austria won the gold medal in the Unlimited category with his electric Slick X360. The uncompromisingly precise operation of his rudders is ensured by KAVAN GO-1081MG servos, which are now also available in a new and improved case.

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