We would like to introduce a brand new line of KAVAN products. KAVAN Grip. First of this series, we are launching a total of 4 expedition specials in 1:18 and 1:24 scales.

Code-named GRE, the "overlanders“ combine the worlds of small and giant models. They take from the big ones the handling and wilderness performance along with the detailed design, and like the smaller cars, they are compact, portable, and ready to go anytime, anywhere.

The solid metal chassis holds a DC motor, 600mAh LiPo battery, waterproof receiver with a transmitter, as well as a 1kg waterproof steering servo. There is a free slot on the ESC to connect additional lights or FPV system for example. Proper off-road predation is taken care of by permanent all-wheel drive with a 104:1 gear ratio, 4-point axle suspension, long-travel shocks, encapsulated differentials or soft deep-pattern tyres.

Even better, each model comes with a huge range of tuning parts, spares and scale accessories. So there's no need to worry about damage. Everything is easily repairable.

Together with these RTR sets, we also offer a kit with a transparent body, which already includes tuning metal parts.

Read more information and see photos in the product details.

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