KAVAN new dopes

KAVAN clear adhesive dope STANDARD reliably fills the pores in balsa and glues the covering paper or fabric.

KAVAN clear protective dope STANDARD protects metal parts and serves as a "milder" shrinking dope for small models with fragile frames.

KAVAN clear shrinking dope STANDARD for tensioning covering paper or fabric is resistant to both glow fuel and gasoline; in addition, it is complemented by a range of coloured KAVAN COLOR tension varnishes.

POLY clear polyurethane KAVAN cover lacquer is flexible and resistant to glowing fuel and gasoline, weather, impact and scratches, making it ideal as a top protective coating on model aircraft and ships.

Dopes are supplied in 100, 250 or 1000 ml packs, and there are also optimised STANDARD and POLY thinners in 250 and 1000 ml packs.

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