We are pleased to introduce you a new high-performance 3D aerobatic special KAVAN of park-fly category - SAVAGE Max, manufactured in the Czech Republic. The kit made of almost indestructible expanded polypropylene (EPP) is available in two colour schemes. It can be assembled in just a few hours, and thanks to the light weight, carbon strip reinforcements and a plywood motor mount the repairs are very easy, quick and inexpensive. The sophisticated design features a wide elevator, servo shafts, carbon landing gear with lightweight wheels and a carbon tube forming the backbone of the plane. The SAVAGE Max is made to be powered by a brushless 350–500W motor (we recommend the KAVAN C3536) and an ESC with a load capacity of at least 40 A with a powerful BEC (for example KAVAN PRO-40SB). For power supply, a 3S–4S LiPo battery with a capacity of 1300–1800mAh and a discharge rate of at least 40C is suitable. The model can be equipped with weaker servos for relaxed flying, or with much stronger and faster servos for racing aerobatics (for example KAVAN GO-1013). The SAVAGE Max is suitable for both experienced pilots and less skilled modelers who only know basic aerobatic stunts.
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