KAVAN Swift S-1

We proudly present the newest aircraft in the KAVAN hangar, an officially licensed semi-scale of the top Polish aerobatic glider Swift S-1 with a wingspan of 2400 mm. In two colour variants.

KAVAN Swift S-1 is made of highly durable expanded polyolefin (EPO) with thorough carbon reinforcements. It is powered by a KAVAN C3548-750 brushless motor with a KAVAN R-50SB ESC. The ailerons, rudder and elevator are controlled by a total of 4 KAVAN GO-17MG servos. To power all onboard electronics, use a LiPo quad cell with 2200-2700 mAh capacity and a load capacity of at least 30C.

In the ARF set, you will find a finished EPO foam fuselage, wing and tail surfaces with the motor, propeller, controller and four servos installed, and an instruction manual.

View the photos and read the detailed description on the product card.

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