KAVAN V20 now available

The KAVAN V20 is a 24-channel RC kit using a 2.4GHz simultaneous dual-frequency transmission system with full telemetry support (Twin 2.4GHz). It boasts a superior response time of up to 4ms and a range of up to tens of kilometres. You can also choose ACCST D16 or ACCESS transmission systems, also with telemetry. The V20 can therefore be paired with a wide range of KAVAN or FrSky receivers, telemetry or not, with classic PWM and S.BUS outputs. It is suitable for both advanced and sport pilots. Excellent for controlling various aircraft models or heli/multicopters. It can also be easily set up for ships or land models. To do this, use the wide range of functions and mixes available in the ETHOS operating system. You can conveniently adjust these to your own preferences on the large colour touchscreen.

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