MIBO Drift servos

We would like to introduce you to the new MIBO by KAVAN servos specifically designed for RC drift cars in a 1/10 scale.

MIBO Drift King LP #MB-2341 is a powerful and fast programmable servo with steel gears. Thanks to the brushless motor, it has a high output torque for maximum stability in a turn. Advanced software takes care of proper gyro signal filtering for a smooth ride without front wheel shake.

The MIBO Drift King Alu LP #MB-2342 is the top-of-the-range RWD servo model that stands out from other servos of this type with its exceptional power. This means that there is almost double the torque at normal voltages. This allows the wheels to hold their angle and track optimally. This servo is available in 3 colour options.

The servos have a wide range of programmable features that are easily set up with the KAVAN GO servo USB programmer. The SANWA SSR or FUTABA SR working mode can also be switched on here.

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