MIBO. One brand for every RC driver.

We are extremely pleased to introduce our new brand - MIBO.

MIBO will materialize our long experience with RC racing and equipment. Our goal is to provide every RC racer with a wide range of first class equipment. We pride ourselves on the values that are most important to us. Sustainable quality, professional service and reasonable price.

We cover all levels of car modeling. We bridge the gap between newcomers, amateur racers and pros. We make it easy for you. One brand for everyone. With unlimited use.

The MIBO brand is a collaboration between Mibosport and KAVAN. A collaboration of modern and traditional. A collaboration where on the one hand there is a passion for RC cars, and on the other hand, proven quality. The traditional reliability of KAVAN's modeling equipment will get a fresh perspective on the needs of both racers and the models themselves by Mibosport.

Step by step. We plan. We prepare. We think about every detail. And we introduce...

...the first of the products. A servo for on-road 1/10th models. Very powerful, extremely fast and with a wide range of programmable parameters. We'll be launching it in the next few days.

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