New in the hangar: KAVAN Beta 1400

Behold, the brand-new Beta 1400 is here.

This school and training motor glider, already legendary in central Europe, is an RC glider that many modellers can't say a bad word about. However, the conceptually identical design differs slightly from the previous variants in size, new wing profile, new brushless motor, or far more sophisticated construction. And also a much more predatory design with more aggressive shapes. All of these changes, which we have been working hard on for a long time, guarantee excellent flight characteristics.

Flight preparation of ARF and RTF sets is quick and easy. Simply attach the wing halves, glue the tail surfaces with a CA glue, plug in the electronics and off to the airport you go. If you are looking for a more creative approach and want to fine-tune your Beta to your liking, we also offer a blank white KIT version.

Discover all the details in the product card.

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