New in the workshop: MIBO oils

We have added new MIBO oils for differentials and shock absorbers to our product range. These high-quality silicone oils are designed for on-road and off-road racing specials.

The range of shock absorber oils consists of 13 versions, ranging from 10wt/100cSt to 80wt/1000cSt.They provide consistently smooth operation for maximum ride stability in all conditions. They have a consistent viscosity and are highly resistant to temperature changes, so just set the characteristic to your riding style before starting, and enjoy it for the entire ride. In addition, the oil's unique formula helps to protect against wear, extending the life of the shock absorbers.

We offer 16 grades of differential oils - from 2,000cSt to 1,000,000cSt. Low friction reduces power loss, maximizing performance and differential life. That also provides stable and smooth operation. They are highly resistant to temperature changes, so they maintain their set characteristics during driving.

More details about the items can be found in the product card.

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