Pocket charger Raytronic C50

We're now selling a brand new charger - Raytronic C50. This pocket two-channel microprocessor charger was designed with an effort to offer mains powered smart charger with high power and simple and intuitive operation.

Raytronic C50 allows to charge and discharge common types of batteries (NiCD, NiMH, LiPo, LiFe, LiHV, Li-Ion, Pb), and is also equipped with 6-channel balancers, which provide safe charging of lithium batteries. Besides, you can use the charger as a stabilised current source with an adjustable voltage limitation, with output power up to 250W.

The charger has a coloured LCD and programming button and vial, which will provide you with the possibility of comfortable and very clear parameter settings, control, and watching charging/discharging progress.

Language of the user interface can be, of course, switched to English.

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