We are happy to present you with a brand new leading motor glider PULSE 2200. With a wingspan of 2200mm and an unusual colour scheme, it will catch an eye on every airfield. This new-generation glider is dexterous, robust and powerful. Equipped with a brushless motor C3548-750, a 50A ESC RAY G2 R-50SB and six servos, it is ready for a recreational thermal and slopes soaring, so it will make every more advanced pilot smile. Compared to its type predecessors it is not only gorgeous, but it has improved design - ingenious wing and tailplane joint, better-quality EPO parts etc. PULSE is available in an ARF set, so the only thing you need to make it fly is a propulsion LiPo battery with a capacity of at least 2600 mAh and a discharge rate of 30C. You will surely appraise the availability of spare parts, not only electronics but even mechanical parts.
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