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KAVAN Beta 1400 KIT

A builder’s kit of 1400 mm motor glider of virtually unbreakable extruded polyolephine (EPO) foam to be powered by a brushless motor. Aileron, elevator and rudder control. The kit contains the foam parts, carbon wing joiner, set of small accessories and 7x6” folding propeller.
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The new KAVAN BETA 1400 keeps the familiar curves of the original BETA 1400 - yet she is a completely new model with slightly different dimensions, new wing section, new brushless motor with a folding propeller and finest accessories. New moulds and advanced EPO foam moulding technologies incorporated ensure all parts are much finer and precise. BETA 1400 - a tireless training workhorse - is a great choice for newcomers; she will help finding your way from initial prangs to the basics of aerobatic flying or thermal soaring without much fuss. Sunday flyers will find her to be a compact and easy-to-carry model for amazingly relaxing flying.

BETA 1400 is a great motor glider/entry-level trainer powered by a brushless motor featuring aileron, elevator and rudder control. Rugged, yet light, airframe made of virtually unbreakable EPO foam makes her crash-proof - or at least easy to repair had something really serious happened.

The EPO foam fuselage comes ready for installation of a brushless outrunner (we recommend the KAVAN C2814-1400 brushless motor “tailored” to the model and the 7x6” folding propeller supplied in the kit). The pushrod outer tubes and the carbon longerons are factory installed into the left and right halves of the fuselage making the fuselage assembly easier and more straightforward. You will find elevator and rudder servo bays prepared to fit KAVAN GO-09 or similar servos as well. The detachable canopy is to be secured by a magnetic lock. The cooling air intake in the front of the pylon keeps the motor nice and cool. The two-piece EPO wing is supplied ready to install two GO-09 aileron servos or similar; aileron horns are pre-installed as well. The wing halves are joined by a carbon tube joiner and secured by screws on the bottom side of the wing. The empennage is also of the EPO foam; elevator and rudder are controlled by a pair of wire push rods.

You will need at least 4-channel RC set to control your BETA 1400. Using a computer radio featuring some advanced set-up options and mixes is always an advantage; you can have an independent control of both aileron servos allowing for aileron differential and airbrake mixing. Dual rates or exponentials can make the model control much easier as well.

You will need at least 18A ESC for the recommended KAVAN C2814-1400 brushless motor; KAVAN R-20B would work great.

You will need 11.1 V 1600-2200 mAh LiPo flight pack to fly your BETA 1400.

BETA 1400 is suitable for beginners (under the guidance of a skilled pilot, do not try to start all alone, please!) - as well as any Sunday flyer or everybody who just wants to have some fun. The default set-up makes her a gently and docile model offering a good way how to learn and improve your flying skills step by step. You will learn the correct and timely way of the stick handling, coordinated turns using ailerons, elevator and rudder simultaneously...everything you will need with your next model - a large glider, an aerobatic plane, a (semi)scale model. The linkage design as well the transmitter with PC or Android/iOS application setting option make the adjustment easy: a beginner can start with small and safe servo throws, whilst an experienced pilot may go for large servo throws and some stunts. Loops, barrel rolls, stall turns are easy with your BETA 1400! There is a plenty of power for a good climbing rate; yet not too much to cause troubles for inexperienced pilots. BETA 1400 is capable of using even quite weak thermals soaring up there “for ages”.

The KIT contents: EPO fuselage, 7x6" folding propeller, EPO wing, EPO horizontal and vertical tailplane, carbon wing joiner, set of small accessories, two sheets of stickers (one for the red and one for the blue version) and instruction manual.

Wing span [mm]1400
Length [mm]966
Weight [g]700 - 770
Wing surface [dm2]24.5
Controlled functionsS,V,K,M
Build difficultyS2
Operating difficultyP1,P2


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